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"Remains of Pain"

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"Last Breath"

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12 May 2013 L.O.S.T. will participate at the Wacken Metal Battle final in Oldies Pub, Sibiu.

12 April 2013 L.O.S.T. won the Wacken Metal Battle semifinal held in Private Hell Club.

28 February 2013 L.O.S.T. show at Bucharest Metal Nights IX Festival, along with Gothic, Abigail and Neutron. Also the first show with the new guitarist, Victor Manescu (Armies Of Enlil, ex-Avatar)

29 September 2012 L.O.S.T. show in Rockstadt Club from Brasov.

28 September 2012 L.O.S.T. show in Private Hell Club from Bucharest.

6 July 2012 L.O.S.T. played at the biggest summer festival in Romania, B'Estfest, on the Jägermeister Stage along with Kreator, Moonspell and Negura Bunget.

24 June 2012 and the second show, in Iasi, Underground The Pub.

23 June 2012 The first show from our Moldavian mini-tour, in Chisinau, Club Albion.

2 June 2012 Another show in Ageless Club from Bucharest, along with Grimegod, Gothic and Abigail.

24 May 2012 L.O.S.T. headlined a show in Ageless Club from Bucharest, along with Krepuskul, Malpraxis and Apa Simbetii.

12 May 2012 L.O.S.T. played a show at the Bucharest semifinals for Wacken Metal Battle.

20 April 2012 L.O.S.T. performed in Damage Club from Bucharest along with Ka Gaia An and An Theos, performing two brand new songs!

20 January 2012 L.O.S.T. performed in Cluj-Napoca in Irish&Music Pub along with fellow bands Gothic, Krepuskul, Silent Scream and Malpraxis. And they all came on stage for the final song of the evening with L.O.S.T.!